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Expert interview

Engineer Philipp Büttiker has been involved in continuous innovation at JURA for nearly 30 years. He and his team played an important role in the development of JURA maintenance products. He understands perhaps better than anyone the importance of optimum maintenance to JURA coffee machines and how much research and development goes into the perfect maintenance concept – for perfect coffee at the touch of a button.

Mr Büttiker, why is it so important to maintain an automatic coffee machine on a regular basis?

The right maintenance guarantees the optimum coffee result and measurably extends the lifetime of your automatic machine. When it comes to the perfect coffee result and smooth machine functioning, the cleanliness of the machine and the hygienic handling of milk, coffee and water are just as important as the technical refinements of the automatic machine itself. We have developed the JURA range of maintenance products to make it easy to maintain the machine at the touch of a button. The CLARIS filter delivers perfect water, the cleaning tablets ensure the brewing unit is clean and free from coffee fats, and the milk system cleaning function keeps the pipes clean with absolutely no milk residues.

How much time and effort does the correct maintenance of a coffee machine involve?

If carried out correctly and regularly, it’s not a big effort. Maintaining the machines is just as simple as preparing coffee: one touch of a button is all it takes. The original JURA maintenance products in combination with the exactly mached programs guarantee for impeccable cleanlinessand thus a constant perfect coffee results.


Does it matter what products I use to clean and maintain my coffee machine?

It certainly does! Only original JURA maintenance products ensure a high standard of hygiene and protection. Only our protective formulas have been carefully optimised to suit the programmes and materials used in JURA automatic machines. Our development teams work hard every day to perfect the coffee experience for our customers through innovative technologies and refined processes. It’s not just our coffee machines that go through stringent testing: our maintenance products have to satisfy the highest TÜV-certified quality standards too.

Do you have a maintenance tip for JURA coffee machines?

When it comes to maintenance products, never settle for anything less than original branded products! It’s worth it.